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Limited Warranty

With the exceptions listed below, if you are not completely satisfied with your UBG Holster products, return it within 90 days in new condition for replacement or refund minus shipping. Contact UBG Holster by email or phone before returning any product.

Failure to follow Maintenance and Care instructions may void your warranty in part or whole. Any damages or wear to the product may require a small restocking charge or deduction from a refund. Normal wear and degradation of your leather products is not covered by this warranty.

Incorrectly measured belts are not covered by the warranty.  A replacement MAY be considered IF there is an existing order in the queue for that exact belt.  It is crucial that you measure how I say and only how I say and not how you read on forums or other websites.

If you don't know what your gun is and you order incorrectly, this is also not covered on the warranty.  Same rule above applies.  IF there is an existing order, I may consider a replacement.

Due to the nature of leather and outsourced supplies, a lifetime warranty cannot be offered. However, UBG Holsters is dedicated to customer satisfaction and will do all we can to make you happy.



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