Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change my order after it has been placed? Changes to orders will be accepted within 2 weeks of the order being placed. Changes must come via email request.
Does the holster have a body shield?   All UBG Holsters have a body shield to cover the sharp points of the gun, or provide enough coverage to keep the sharps from poking the wearer.  "But the picture doesn't show a body shield..."  Perhaps the pictured holster was made for a revolver, which requires a smaller body shield.  Perhaps it was made for a hammerless revolver. 
How long is the wait from time of order?
The estimated wait time is published on the home page of this website. It is checked regularly and updated when needed.
Do you do any custom work?  Can I specify the cant and trim shape on the holster?
I do not offer, nor will I offer any customizations to the holsters and belts.  I offer what is here on the website, with the exception to occasional new exotics.  You may not specify a different angle or cant on the holster.  You may not choose the pattern, color, or placement of the exotic trim on the holster.  I reserve "artistic license" on this issue.
Where do I include special instructions on the order? Customizations are not offered, therefore, there is no need for a "special instructions" or "notes" area on the order.
Will you put a thumb strap on the holster?
No, I won't. 
I can't snap the loops of my regulator over the belt.  The loops are all made the same and WILL fit over the belt.  Leather shrinks when dried, and the loops may require some stretching just as the holster may be tight to your gun, same concept.  If you cannot snap the loop over the belt, remove the holster and belt from your body.  Close the loops and string the belt through one side only.  Without crushing your holster, wrench the belt a little to loosen and stretch the loop.  Repeat from the other side.  If you do this and still cannot snap it over, string it through the holster on your body like a pancake holster and wear it around.  It will stretch through the course of a day.  All regulators are made the same and are fit checked over a UBG belt before shipping, it will work.
How do I place an order?
We use a shopping cart method and orders are placed on the products page.  A cart is maintained and you complete the payment after you've placed all of your orders.
What side do I order my mag pouch for?  As stated on the mag pouch products page, order the mag pouch for the side opposite of your firearm.  Also known as the weak side. 
I have a new Crimson Trace Laser, will you get it?  It's possible. Contact me via email for your request.
If I mail you my laser or light, will you build my holster with it?  I have done this in the past, but will no longer be offering this service.
What if my gun isn't on the list?
If you don't see your gun on the list, feel free to contact me via email. Certain guns with numerous different names and acronyms are grouped together under a category, such as "Any size 1911 with or without rail."  If you have an "oddball" gun, you're out of luck. I keep the most popular handgun molds.  I get new models as soon as they become available.  I do not, however, buy molds for rare, unusual, or old model firearms. 
What are the color options?
Color options are few, but nice. Black, Brown, and Mahogany. What is the price? Prices are listed on the product pages, drop down menus.   Certain forums' memberships get free shipping, so mention the right one in the coupon code field at checkout....all lower case, no spaces.
What is reinforced mouth band? An additional layer leather glued and stitched to the front of the holster for added stiffness and thickness is available for the Striker and Canute.  This is not necessary for the average person.  Those who must keep their belt super tight in order to keep their pants up due to their body shape might need this.  It is not offered on OWB holsters. 
One-handed re-holstering?  The leather and methods used at UBG accommodate one-handed re-holstering.  Following care instructions as outlined on this website is very important to keep the structure of your holster intact.  Once a leather holster is flattened or crushed, it may not stay open once the gun is removed and is permanent.  This is true no matter what holster you have. 
Orders are to be submitted via the products pages.  Make sure you enter the gun model, color, and holster BEFORE you hit submit.