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Belt holsters or OWB (Outside The Waistband) are designed for the holster and gun to be worn outside the pants.  These styles are popular for those preferring the traditional outside carry method, or for concealment under an over shirt or jacket.  Also popular for larger weapons.  UBG Holsters currently offers three designs of Belt Holsters in your choice of colors.

For a truly personal and unique look, all holsters are also available trimmed or completely covered in various exotic skins including Shark, Python, Iguana, and others. See the Colors & Exotics page for more info.  Click any image on this page for a larger view.

This is a high-ride pancake style with the weapon molded evenly between the back and front retention slots.  Excellent concealability. 

NOTE: This holster is designed with the bottom parallel to the belt.  Most guns will protrude slightly at the bottom.  This is by design and not optional. 


This is a medium riding OWB pancake design. The muzzle will be covered completely. The pancake design pulls in tight to the body and conceals well. The cant is strong, so the grip of your firearm will not protrude rearward as much.



This is a low riding pancake design. It rides much lower than the Bonneville. Ideal for winter carry under a good cover garment. Also available in a 3-slot design for optional crossdraw. 


Low riding, side snap scabbard.  Conceals surprisingly well.  Worn OWB and snaps around your belt.  This is Nate's favorite model.


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