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Inside the waistband holsters or IWB are designed for the holster and gun to be worn inside the
waistband of your pants and connected to your belt on the outside. There are two methods of
holster retention available - spring clips and snap loops.  UBG Holsters currently offers two designs of IWB Holsters in your choice of colors.

For a truly personal and unique look, all holsters are also available trimmed or completely covered in various exotic skins including Shark, Python, Iguana, and others. See the Colors & Exotics page for more info.  Click any image on this page for a larger view.

Reinforced mouth band is available on the Striker and Canute.


Dual spring clip design. Rides a little lower and disperses the weight of your gun.  Approximately 20-22 degrees forward cant.  Clips go over your belt.  Reinforcement is available.  Starting at $80.

Dual offset loops with one way "pull the dot" snaps. The snaps can only be manipulated by pulling in one direction. Very comfortable, conceals very well.  Approximately 22-25 degrees forward cant.  Reinforcement is available.  Starting at $75.


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