I've come across a few issues with the new website layout. Hopefully, I got them sorted. The products page is different and is now broken up into categories (I guess). Let me know if you have issues..

Nate


Hello everyone! It's getting cold and I'm not happy about it. Just call me the Ugly Bald Scrooge. I guess I just really need to pick up a winter hobby. Many of you might have noticed, I lowered my prices by $10 per piece. Partially to drum up business, partially to drive my competitors insane. I'm probably not the best holster maker in the world; I'm not sure that could be determined. However, I am good and I have 11 years experience behind my name. With comparable makers, my prices are substantially lower. One of two things will happen: Word will get out and I will start getting more of their business…. Word will get out and others may start lowering their prices. Win-win-win!!!

If you're ordering for Christmas gifts, please annotate this in your order or shoot me an email. There is still plenty of time to get it out before the USPS gets insane.

Holsters are my artwork and I love sharing my work with others. The fact that my art is functional as well as beautiful, makes it that much better.

Merry HoliChristmaHannuKwanza!!

New Web Design

Hello. I've been in need of a redesign for quite a while. Hopefully, this works well. Let me know if you see anything not functioning properly.