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Welcome to UBG Holsters.  We provide hand crafted, hand molded leather concealment holsters at an affordable price.  Each holster is cut to size and molded to the specific type firearm for optimum fit and security.  All of our products are proudly made in the USA to the highest quality standards to provide years of service.

UBG Holsters are designed for comfort, concealability, as well as weapon retention and weapon access.  We also offer several exotic skin options to personalize and enhance your holster, belt, or magazine holders.  Holsters are available in right or left hand carry.

Current News / Notes to Customers

Current estimated turn around time is 4-6 weeks!!!

  Know guns, Know peace, Know safety.  No guns, No peace, No safety.
12/27/2016 Wait time updated. Only applies to new orders. Existing orders fall into wait times published at time of order.
12/4/2015 Find UBG Holsters on Instagram, too! Hashtag your holster photos #ubgholsters.
9/19/2013 If you haven't already, join my Facebook fan page for great COUPON CODES, sales, and giveaways. Search for UBG Holsters on Facebook, like the page, share the link, get everyone to join. Great sales going on, all the time!!!! Dont' miss out.
3/20/2012 Wait times are accurate.  Please do not email for a status update if it is within or less than the published wait time.  I no longer provide updates if the holster is on time, which is all of them. 


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